January 12 2020 capricorn horoscope

The Conservative party in the UK is imploding — which is fun to watch — but the whole political spectrum is tearing itself apart as people lose faith in the old way of doing politics.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2020: A Deeper Sense of Reality

Some already have, but most of them are politicians. There could be some sort of economic recession or meltdown that provides an excuse to reform the system and rollout a digital currency, with the ultimate intention of eliminating cash altogether. The beginning of the end could come with a collapse of the Euro. Nothing would change on a deep level, setting us up for an even worse crash next time around.

The system has a way of protecting itself by making superficial changes while the exploitation and corruption continues on its merry way. I would love to be proved wrong. The worst case scenario would be a doubling down on the current system in an attempt to hang on to power. This would quickly turn toxic and we would reap the whirlwind of catabolic capitalism. But the consequences are waking people up — which is good news.

Audiences are turning away in their droves and searching for the truth elsewhere. Alternative sources of information online are suffering a rash of censorship, shadow banning, demonetising and de-platforming. The long-term danger is that we sleepwalk into technocracy. People are allowing spy technology into their homes in the name of convenience.

The data from our phones and online activity is used to sell advertising and track our location. Many of these technological things will come to a head when Pluto enters Aquarius in So what happens in the next 18 months, and how we choose to respond, is pivotal to all our futures.

This conjunction starts a new cycle that will end in — imagine the changes that will have happened by then! If the financial capital of the world is due to move to China by the s, we can expect whatever happens in January to kick start the process. The next Saturn Pluto square could represent some sort of tipping point. We can be sure that the power structure of the world will look very different by Better start learning Mandarin…. Next up : How to survive the Saturn Pluto conjunction without going mad! Images: Notre Dame ; Korea ; Boris. Like Like. Like Liked by 1 person.

This was such a badass assessment, great! You are a great writer and just getting better, trust me.

Plus I am probably going to actually write my own astrology program, started years ago but now it will be in all 3D. Sounds like an interesting project. Music is definitely the key to understanding reality.

Intuitive Astrology: Saturn and Pluto Align - Forever Conscious

I look forward to hearing more about it. Actually I have been studying astrology since I was about 8 to 10 years old, was in the house you know… Then I got this DOS program called Zodiac, well that changed my life because I was able to animate transits. The thing is I have always seen a correlation between musical frequencies and color. I have done a lot of theory on how it relates to our charts and angles, ratios etc.

Yeah sounds crazy but I actually think I have something that might be interesting to people that feel a lot of intuition, another way to connect to the soul of others without language.

5 Tips For Surviving the 12222-2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

Sounds interesting. Haha, No, mine will blow that thing away. Wow, that is all they can do? I LOVE competition, the spice of life. An intriguing blog post to be sure! Thank you so much for sharing this info.

Pluto and Saturn Conjunction January 12 2020. Are you ready?

Some topics, especially more important ones, tend to be long winded regardless of our efforts to condense them. I did enjoy your article! Please accept my apologies, if I have in any way offended you. Not at all!

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Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Learn how your comment data is processed. Violent protests in Sudan following a massacre in Khartoum. Presidential crisis in Venezuela. Another dominant pattern for in this New Moon is the first of three squares between Jupiter and Neptune exact on January 13th, June 9th and September 21st. Pushing the limits of faith? In Pisces, Neptune refers to fish, oceans, drugs, spirits, lies, fog, refugees, victims, gurus, viruses, chemicals, toxins, suicide, etc. Example: U. Set in Washington D. Him again. So what else is new? Challenging a regal projection of willpower is Venus at 28 Scorpio, suggesting ruthlessness, honor and tenacity in matters involving women, aesthetics, money and social expression.

Mars in Aries adds a need for crusading assertion or action, in harmony with that ruthlessness. This New Moon has extra potency for planting seeds, as it is also a partial solar eclipse. Light flowing from the Sun is temporarily interrupted, focusing attention on that interrupted point, allowing something new and possibly fragile to enter the picture and grow. Mallard and their brood of eight could safely make their way to the Boston Public Garden.

Got that? Depending on what degree of the zodiac an eclipse falls, it will later be activated when another planet makes contact with that same degree. It will be triggered this month by Mercury on January 15th and by Mars on January 23rd. Saturn will trigger the eclipse on February 4th.

Those are dates to watch for a potential surge of action — especially the 23rd. And now, the news, starting with some thoughts on the horoscope for the th Congress. Here is the chart:.

Writer ~ Storyteller ~ Mystic

What drives this Congress? A Moon in Sagittarius , seeking to be respected for its righteous opinion. About what? This Sag Moon is an almost-dead Moon, more apt for cleaning up old messes than starting new construction. Sag is a Fire Sign, relying on improvisation for direction. This particular Sag Moon is fearfully focused , tempering its expression. Focused on what? Put those items at the top of its agenda — and add another megadose of optimism, faith and belief in its own press.