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There's no denying your truth under these moonbeams, and some support from Saturn and Pluto will help you make the most professional exit possible. With this full moon beaming into your tech sector, any announcements you make on social media could get tons of engagement. Ready to launch an online initiative? Mercury is still retrograde until November 20, but you can get all your graphics and digital assets lined up over the coming two weeks so you're ready to go on the 21st.

If you're searching for your truth this Thursday, don't get lost in analysis paralysis. As Venus squares nebulous Neptune, every hypothesis you try on will only send you tumbling deeper down the rabbit hole. Harder still? You're bound to have an emotional reaction to each of those "what if" scenarios. What's the point of getting all worked up over potentially…nothing?

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Spare yourself the upsets and STOP postulating. This week is for remembering ways to keep going. This is a week for developing new strategies of living, a week for letting go of what no longer serves you. You can trust your own body instead. This week, you might feel your view of the world stretch and expand.

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And the broader the world seems, the smaller your own self can feel before it. Let your thoughts be fragmented and intimate and strange. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out.

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