Libra rising sign horoscope

Petersburg , Russia :. Astrologers consider the differences between the rate at which the signs ascend to be of importance.

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In many house systems, houses can become very large when they cover Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus because these signs are seen to be much smaller from the perspective of a northern hemisphere observer. Some astrologers, such as Richard Nolle , consider the preponderance of Ascendants in signs from Cancer through Sagittarius known as the western signs to be symbolic of the highly relationship-oriented character inherent in a complex or civilized society as found today in the northern hemisphere but never developed in equatorial or south temperate latitudes where eastern Capricorn through Gemini , individual-oriented Ascendants are equally or more common.

In the southern hemisphere, long and short ascension are reversed. If the sun for example occupies that degree, it will neither rise nor set, but will lie upon the horizon for 24 hours. As we move into higher latitudes, more and more degrees of the ecliptic will neither rise nor set, until at the north pole half of the ecliptic degrees will not rise above the horizon and can never become the ascendant.

Therefore, the omission of extreme latitudes from most house tables due to the added complexity of calculating the ascendant, implies that there is no ascendant at these latitudes.

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This is of course untrue, yet there is a limitation on the degrees that can ascend at extreme latitudes and a further restriction on degrees that can form house cusps in time-based house systems. The simpler and earlier ecliptic-based house systems can form house cusps at extreme latitudes based on the available ascendant and midheaven degrees. There are a couple of factors that influence how strong or weak a force in the chart the ascendant may be.

This is because most of the first house will fall into that sign. If the ascendant falls late in a sign, most of the first house will fall into the following sign, and thus weaken the effect of the ascendant's power. In addition the ascendant is thought to be stronger in influence when the sun is in a weak position in the chart.

For example, it is traditionally believed that the sun is in a weaker position when it is placed at the bottom of the chart, near the imum coeli or IC. This is because the sun was literally on the other side of the earth when the subject was born, hidden from view. The sun may also be weaker in influence if it is unaspected, in other words if it forms no strong aspects or connections to the other planets. Another factor concerning the effect of the ascendant is the theory that people become more like their sun sign after around 29 years old, as they grow older and more confident and thus have less of a need to present a public face to others.

It is also theorised that when the progressed ascendant moves into the following sign, it weakens the influence of the natal ascendant. Planets can assume added importance in the birth chart due to their relationship to the ascendant. So for example, if the ascendant sign is Libra, Venus will be the chart ruler, and so 'set the tone' for the chart in many ways.

In addition, the planet nearest to the ascendant especially located in the first house is usually called the rising planet and has a particular significant importance in the chart. However, if a planet in the twelfth house is very close within one or two degrees to the ascendant, then it can be taken to be the rising planet instead. If a planet is actually in conjunction with the ascendant within the same degrees as the ascendant it then becomes vitally important in its effect on the personality, to the extent of being almost as important as the sun in some cases.

Finally, any planets in the first house will always have an added emphasis to them, more so than the ascendant lord. The effect of the ascendant varies according to the zodiac sign in which it is placed.

A Sun, Moon, And Rising Zodiac Sign Explainer That Will Help Astrology Make So Much More Sense

The fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are noted for their energy, enthusiasm and optimism. When a fire sign is on the ascendant the outer manner is friendly, uncritical and non-hostile, which makes such people good mixers and public relations executives. They typically send out friendly, but professionally competent signals which draw out a friendly and rather respectful response from others. Aries rising gives out a well-organized, slightly military bearing which makes them fit for any kind of military or civil service organization.

Leo rising subjects have a dignified and rather formal manner which inspires confidence; while Sagittarius risers have a cheerful, pleasant and rather witty outer manner which suits all kinds of teaching, training and public speaking situations.

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The air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are noted for their communication skills. When an air sign is on the ascendant the subject is friendly and sociable, but also independent and somewhat detached. The Gemini riser is constantly busy, fully engaged in a kind of juggling act, with at least a dozen activities on the go at any one time.

The Libra riser occupies him or herself with business schemes which often need the aid of a more earthy partner to make them come into fruition. The Aquarius riser makes wonderful plans for himself and others and may even carry some of them out. The water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are noted for their emotion, intuition and feeling. When a water sign is on the ascendant the subject will hide their true feelings and have a strong need to protect themselves from the world around them.

What you see is often not what you get with water ascendants. In other words, the signals they send out are consciously or unconsciously chosen for effect. Cancerians appear chatty and helpful and they do well in any situation that requires tact. A shining star The Sagittarius ascendant has an amazing mind that is open and ready to learn.

You have a really active mind and feel need to constantly be on the move. When you are forced to focus and properly concentrate you often quickly get bored.

Libra Ascendent - The Agent (Natal Libra Rising)

The Sagittarius ascendant is a total dreamer and makes the perfect team with Gemini, Leo and Aries. A great leader The Capricorn ascendant is very serious and never lets their stoic face slip. You have your head on straight and know what you want. Failure and wasting time are two of the things you hate most in life. Money acts as a huge motivator for you and brings out your determined and focused character. If your ascendant sign is Capricorn and you are under 30 years old, you no doubt feel a lot more mature and settled than your peers. The Capricorn rising sign needs to learn to let go and be free.

The Capricorn rising sign gets on best with Cancer, Taurus and Virgo. Very bubbly The Aquarius ascendant is very sociable and loves having a good time, although their love of partying can sometimes be at the detriment of the family relationships. You have amazing charm and charisma which really get you noticed.

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You are full of life, laughter and love! Your sparkling personality means other people instantly love you. The Aquarius ascendant gets on very well with Leo, Libra and Gemini. Super loving Sensitive, compassionate and receptive are the best adjectives used to describe the Pisces ascendant.

Libra Rising Sign Personality Traits

You hate drama and arguing with people dear to you. When you feel bad about something, rather than confronting the situation, you often flee. The Pisces ascendant has the most in common with Cancer and Scorpio. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions. So I guess give off the Scorpio impression, with a Capricorn and Aquarius flavoring?. That was a question and a statement. Saturn is a dominant planet also in my chart. What is your opinion?.

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