January 5 tarot card

You see, Pisces, you have an extra special dose of cosmic luck because, not only is Jupiter your traditional ruler, but he's in his home sign of Sagittarius on your career sector now, promising you the purest form of his energy. As long as you are willing to put in the academic effort, believe in yourself, and take this leap of faith, the universe completely has your back. Success is here! Having said this, there is the possibility that you have so many opportunities this year that you're confused and don't know which one to follow.

This is a heavy possibility but an enviable one near January 13, June 16, and again on September 21 when Jupiter squares off with Neptune in your sign. If you can meditate on things, trust your gut, and just go with the flow, you will find the answers. Don't stress!

Uranus, the planet of chaos and liberation, will also leave your earned income sector for good on March 6, which is great news for your finances. If you've grown tired of the ups and downs since , know that the roller coaster ride is about to end and now you'll have the capacity to focus on stabilizing your earnings.

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Saturn rewards those who take responsibility. Keep your Tarot decks handy along the way: Spiritual growth, self-care, and personal awakenings are highlighted this year, too.

January 5, 2017 - Tarot Card of the Day

Those who are keen to deepen their awareness and connection to themselves and spirit can soar in the months ahead. Are you ready to work with the energies of ? Keep on reading for important astrological dates to watch for, along with suggestions for how you can use Tarot to make the most of the year ahead. Solar eclipses always occur during a new moon, and lunar eclipses occur during a full moon.

A solar eclipse can create outer change, while a lunar eclipse promotes inner growth. In , we experienced an eclipse series in the fixed signs of Aquarius and Leo, two expressive, independent energies. Aquarius helped to highlight where we need to come together, while Leo asked us to look at the ways we want to be seen and heard in this world. But another new story began in with a solar eclipse in Cancer on July This was the beginning of the eclipse series that will continue throughout With all of the creative, expressive energy brought on by the Leo-Aquarius eclipse series, it will be important now to learn how to value and care for yourself in order to nurture your creative desires.

Capricorn is productive, organized, and industrious.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

But it can push itself too far by working too hard. Stress and burnout are major concerns for many people, and even though self-care is a hot topic, it seems that a lot of us continue to struggle to make it a priority. If the world needs more compassion, then the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series asks us to create it within our personal lives.

It asks us to challenge our relationships to time and productivity and reminds us of the importance of play and connection. How can I care for myself at this time? How can I be of service to the world? How can I work smarter, not harder?

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How are my priorities shifting? If you love setting goals, resolutions, and intentions early on in the calendar year, you are going to be in your element early on in the year. Mars is at home in Aries until mid-February, which means starts off raring to go. If you struggled with motivation or momentum in at all, Mars in Aries will help to light the fire within.

If you are hesitating on a plan, or looking for a new project, this can be a great time to get started on something new. Especially if it pushes you outside your comfort zone.

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You may feel a bit lost and unsure of your future. The astrological activity in Capricorn this weekend will help you ground yourself and achieve a better grasp on what you want for your future. After the indulgences of the holiday season getting yourself back on track may seem impossible to some, but not you, Libra — and future you will thank past you for it. It can be nerve-wracking — a new year means as many new mistakes as new triumphs and as many good decisions as bad ones.

Weekend Tarot Predictions For All Zodiac Signs In Astrology, January 5-6, 12222

Remember to hold your head up and keep moving forward no matter how many times you might trip up. First, feel your feelings without analyzing them and let them guide you. Only then can you push through them and become a stronger version of yourself. The clouds have cleared and you have a strong grasp on not only your feelings but also those of the people around you.

Use this to your advantage to forge strong new relationships that will prove invaluable to your future.

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