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Strange to relate, your cautious attitude to money will change, and you seem less miserly. Both property and business interests are starred at the end of July. You are lucky you are no longer stuck in negative equity.

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Though moving or even working abroad could be the best investment of time, energy and resources. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Love: Your private life will explode, especially once Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th. A rare enough event and the stuff of dreams. After which, your birth month is the moment of truth. Nor is there any point renewing the gym membership you rarely use. Even so, this is the year to whip yourself into shape, and switch your diet to health shakes and the like. No more burgers and fries.

Happiness is the Holy Grail, you cannot lie. However, you could be so surprised by how a healthy mind does it every time if you are a true Gemini, and how anxiety suddenly disappears early in when you realise what the real problems or issues are. Money: You may start the year chronically short of money.

However, any financial anxieties will swiftly be allayed, despite developing expensive tastes.

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You love your job, grasp every opportunity. Support will arrive magically around January 17th. Not only will business pick up, but a lucrative deal should be agreed on the 13th March. True, there is one tricky phase to navigate in late June. After which, you can anticipate a few surprises at work, and your value should soar, on July the 5th to be precise.

Jupiter in Scorpio until November will ensure that you are not deprived.

Love: Because of your fickle nature, you are often the cause of heartbreak. Romance is a tricky business, and it comes as little surprise that will be full of highs and lows. Still, you may prove all of the cynics wrong. A lifelong commitment is your best chance of happiness, for better or worse, you could propose first. Whatever your relationship status, the Full Moon on March 31st signifies that someone refuses to take no for an answer.

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But it will probably be sometime around the New Moon in Gemini on June 13th that you are lovesick for the right reasons. Health: How to satisfy those hunger pains or other cravings. Compared to recent times, you should be a proper ray of sunshine. More cardiovascular exercise and smaller calories - of course it all helps.

The real key is less emotional pain, and here the happiness graph rises as this year begins.


Last but not least, a new fitness and diet routine is essential if you want to stay beautiful. Cosmetic surgery you can rule out. The end of June is really when you should start to work tirelessly on looking and feeling your best. Money: The revolutionary planet Uranus continues to make this a time of surprises in your career.

The difference this year is that you should enjoy greater security, and are building something for the future. In particular, the New Moon in Aquarius on February 15th, and what is jointly agreed approximately six months later on the 27th July has the capacity to transform your fortunes overnight.

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The best news is that Saturn has recently moved out of Sagittarius, and with prudence, hard work and a spot of luck, this could be your most successful year to date. A life of luxury awaits.

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Love: After the madness, and personal disasters of the past few years, could be your best year. True, with Pluto and now Saturn in Capricorn, your opposite sign, there could be some tests and trials, but also tears of joy. The Full Moon in Cancer as early as January 2nd will force you to prove your loyalty. By the time the Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st June, what you have invested emotionally will not have been invested. Plus, with Jupiter in Scorpio until November, even a love that was doomed to failure has survived, while another is cast aside.

Health: Start as you mean to go on. Reverse the cycle of all those years of unhealthy living. Even then, the combination of the Sun, and in particular, Saturn in Capricorn as January commences may force you to pay some kind of penance. The smoking, drinking, binge eating and anything else that used to be a pleasure has to cease.

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You need to circle the 27th and 28th June in your diary. The transformation of mind, body, and soul should certainly be complete, without a military style operation or taking any drastic measures. Money: What occurs early this year may catch you unaware, or you could be staring failure in the face. In truth, this is a prime opportunity for you to completely alter the working pattern of your life. After a time of harsh realities, you cannot be shackled to the past; and what a difference a few weeks makes!

Since, by the New Moon on March 17th, your future security is assured. Speculate to accumulate should be your motto throughout There should be occasions when you feel you have won the jackpot. Love: You may have found the love of your life. However, it could be a bit one-sided. Does the other person even know? Oh, never mind.

You need to get the timing right. Even though the ache in your heart will continue until mid-April. However, it is planetary activity in Leo, including a rare solar eclipse on the 13th July that the real melodrama begins. You might want to throw the biggest party. Health: Virgos have a reputation for being gluten-free, walking medical encyclopaedias and health freaks. All that has gone out the window, as you struggle to stay in shape or feel past your sell by date.

The key in is to free yourself of the worry, cynicism and scepticism which is clogging up your mind, and possibly your arteries. In other words, live free. The period around Feb 15th is a time to not only shed the pounds, but old methods, none older than a pessimistic outlook.

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Then by or around the summer time, you should be firing on all cylinders. Money: You may feel you undelivered this last year. You are sure to be in demand in , and earn more, without having to work so hard.